We're raising $25,000 for the Arabic translation, proofreading, and editing of David Guzik's commentary on the entire book of Psalms. Sponsor the translation of the commentary for one or more Psalms at only $170 each!

As many of you know, a big part of our work with Enduring Word is translating my Bible Commentary into other languages and getting it out there free of charge.

I’m super grateful for our volunteer translators, but in some languages we have to pay a lot of money to get good translation work. We’re amazed at how God provides for this through the generosity of His people. By a miracle, we were able to invest more than $130,000 into translation work in 2019.

With a current project, we thought to make it easy for everyone to take part in in: translating my commentary on the entire book of Psalms into Arabic. It’s a big job - more than 1,100 pages!

We have arranged a great translator and have agreed on the price. For both the translation and the proofreading and editing, the whole project will cost about $25,000. That’s a lot of money - but it is just under $170 per psalm! If you are interested in hearing more about the costs of translation, please send me an email - I'll love to explain more (

So, we’re looking for 150 special donations of $170. Every gift of $170 will pay for the translation of the commentary on one psalm into Arabic. Of course, if you want to sponsor more than one psalm, you’re welcome to do so! Especially if you like this idea but can’t donate money, your prayers will really help.

$170 - 1 Psalm
$340 - 2 Psalms
$510 - 3 Psalms
$1,700 - 10 Psalms

I think it's great that even if you don’t know Arabic, you can still help to translate the commentary on a psalm - and it only costs $170. It will be exciting to see how quickly God provides through your prayers and generosity.

Blessings in Jesus - David Guzik


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